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The, ember Torch campaign on Kickstarter is trying to raise 80,000 to create two Bluetooth low-energy Arduino-compatible development boards that will enable hardware hackers to interact with their Arduino projects from smartphones, tablets and other computers.In this edition: turn a Raspberry Pi into a Tor anonymising proxy, RS Components introduces a site for open source hardware projects, two new hardware boards to control Arduino projects from mobile devices, and an augmented reality backend for Drupal.PRAugmented Reality Suite, a combination of a Drupal 7 module and a framework for iOS that allows developers to write mobile applications that can access geotagged data stored in a Drupal-based web service.You don't need another collection of simple tips and command-clicks; you hacks need.PC Hacks combines of the bestselling Hacks series style with the world's most popular computing hardware.RS Components introduces open source project web site.Drupal backend for augmented reality applications.At DrupalCon 2013, Promet Source has shown its.Pages: 304, read on O'Reilly Online Learning with a 10-day trial.He also offers many tips for avoiding common mistakes-and for getting the system back up and running if something does go wrong.The Onion Pi is a small, low powered Tor proxy. The new web site was developed together with the hacks Elektor electronics enthusiast magazine and includes facilities where users can discuss future and existing designs and share ideas for projects.
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The source code for the PRAugmented Reality Suite is available on GitHub under the MIT License.
PC Hacks, Jim Aspinwall, the Windows Helpdesk columnist and feature editor for M and author of three books on PC maintenance, delivers basic to advanced hacks for overclocking CPU and video cards, tweaking RAM timing, selecting the best performing components, and much more.
For those who want to get started quickly, Adafruit also offers a handy starter pack for.95 and will even donate a portion of the sale price to the Tor Foundation.
PC Hacks, where you'll find proven techniques for enhancing performance and preventing problems with your PC hardware.
That doesn't mean you can't.
This step-by-step, hack-by-hack guide, with invaluable tips and tricks throughout, will get you hacking the system board, CPU, bios, peripherals and operating system-everything but the unhackable power supply!Sections, community, submissions, featured Hack Images, recent Updates.Source: Adafruit Industries, the H 's Hardware Hacks section collects stories about the wide range of uses of open source in the rapidly expanding area of open hardware.Tweet, description: An in dept documentation of the GBA hardware.DesignSpark web site, called, designShare, which collects open source designs and instructions for hardware projects.Secure browsing powered by a Raspberry.PC Hacks shows PC users like you how to get the most out of your hardware and software to make your PC experience more satisfying than ever.It includes PCB schematics and layout files and users can directly purchase the required parts from the RS Components store.Presented in a clear and direct format and covering both Windows and Linux operating systems, PC Hacks ensure that you'll hack and tweak your way to the best performance possible out of your trusty.