Minecraft bukkit ranks plugin

minecraft bukkit ranks plugin

The data collected plugin by Metrics can be viewed at http mcstats.
And i want to make this process plugin as transparent as possible!
Org/ and you can always plugin opt-out by changing enable-metrics to false in config.(Copy from the metrics website) It is not possible for Metrics to control the plugin in any way except for plugin-specific code the plugin author implements.Features: Counts several statistics Dynamic scoring based on plugin all players Will auto-check on startup for new updates!But since api-features will change, after some time, old versions will not work anymore!This task can bring in many performance issues if implemented poorly (I/O in main thread etc.).Look at the, images, version.0 to above, colored leather armor with RGB color-code.Known bugs None, found one?And i will track more things like, kills, deaths, distance walked, exp collected, objects crafted, drops collected etc.I am trying to create a plugin, that in no way will impact the performance of any server minecraft minecraft you run.You can change plugin and localize all output of the plugin in locale. Org : Metrics revision of incredible the implementing class Server's guid Players currently online (not max player count) Server version string (the same version string you see in /version) Plugin version of the metrics-supported keygen plugin question Any custom data the supporting plugin implements.
Yml, also you can change incredible the basic goals!
If you have set enabled or stats-tracking to false in the config.
Jar, put the Jar in your Server's Plugin Folder incredible and restart / reload.
Yml.9 and below.0 an above.
( 1 - 9 - a - r) / colorname.
Read the questions part first before asking it!Overview: This plugin will count many things, your players are doing and display them on a website: http mcranks.Org, players can track their stats server-independent and can compete on a more global level.Explanation: votes1 this sets the amount of Votes you need client to get this Goal votes 10 everytime the amount of votes are less than 10 votes 10 everytime the amount of vote are greater than 10 votes10 everytime the amount of votes can be divided.Without any chanches in the config.Yes this is possible as of version.0.6 Comments Posts"d: Reply Clear All"s.But there will be things i did not thought about, so if your server has issues with my plugin, please post a ticket explaining the problem.Yml the plugin uses a sqlite-database.The plugin creates a new folder in your pugins folder named full "VoteRank".Auto-update: true #if you prefer to give me usage-informations, please enable this.And server-owners can give People rewards/permissions based on how high their rank.Done Give players the permissions of the rank Done Add option to show ranks in the Tab list Want some features?The standard ranks in the plugin are: Member, Vip, Moderator, Admin and Owner.

Players can view their score ingame You minecraft bukkit ranks plugin can place signs who will display your Rank to all Players passing by ToDo: Rise custom levels (and get something from it) Add new things to track Overhaul Website to get detailed statistics!
I stated, that i want this plugin to be more a stats/ranks-plugin than simple counting of blocks.