State of decay title update

state of decay title update

Outpost bonuses to decay Stockpiles are now retained when the game is restarted.
It update is no longer possible to establish an Outpost or relocate your Home while on a mission.
update Adjusted draw distance of dynamically generated vehicles to match pre-placed vehicles.Fixed issues in non-English translations.The promised first update for open-world survive 'em up, state of Decay went live over the weekend, or so it seemed.He added, "We're on the phone with title our publisher right now getting everyone mobilized.Stimulants such as coffee and energy drinks update update now properly update wear off over time. State of Decay 2 Choose Your Own Apocalypse adds new mode.
Create Biodiesel action time changed from 3 real-time days to 90 real-time minutes.
"But its systems have a clockwork-like beauty, interlocking with rare grace to create a vivid, meaningful world in which player-driven stories arise with delightful frequency.".
So, we're calling in the troops to get going on solving this problem immediately.".
Fixed various translations bugs.
Changed AI to ensure zombies are present update when you get a training mission or a morale mission.
Followers can also accompany you on most non-storyline missions.Here are the final notes : NPCs, you can now ask a community NPC to follow you and watch your back.Vehicles are no longer teleported to Home parking spaces at 6:00.It will be available all over the world, in all regions, no matter when your region got the original game.Related Stories, all Xbox One backward compatible games.Additional polish to "The Law" mission.If you were afflicted by the overlarge community bug (freezing, crashing after a few minutes of gameplay, xbox game would not load You _probably_ will not need to restart your game from scratch.Train Outsiders action time changed from 1 real-time day to 90 real-time minutes.Fixed a bug that briefly displayed hammer debug text in the main menu after selecting a storage device.Fixed a bug that caused a Feral zombie to react incorrectly if review you dodged while hack he was leaping.Fixed some floating bushes and grass.We* will notice something - a streamlined process that lets us and our decay publisher do more and do better.All mission opportunity timeouts coastal pause while not playing.

Fixed several pockets of deep water.
TU3 is completely free, and will state of decay title update automatically download when you fire up SoD.