Text effect 3d photoshop cs6

text effect 3d photoshop cs6

The font used is Great Vibes, and the effect Size is 250.
Change the new photoshop lights Intensity to effect 50, and uncheck its Shadow box, as we only need shadows from one effect light source, which is the Infinite Light.
Enter a name for the view then click.These are screenshots for the lights from different angles.Lost in photoshop Space Typography in Photoshop.Snap Object to Ground Plane.Abstract effect Shining Text photoshop Effect with Groovy Font.Creating Retro Folded Typography Using Photoshop. Create a 3D Ice Text Effect With reviews Modo and Photoshop.
Elegant Glossy Gold Text Effect.
Glossy Emblem Text Effects.
Softness manual of cooper the, shadow systemcare in the, properties panel.
How to Create Suspended Text Effect.
Increase the Shine to 75, and reduce the Bump.
Making a Clipping Mask With Text In Photoshop.You can as well enter certain values to change the settings.Your own tron style text using Photoshop CS6s new 3D features, and a touch of Layer Styles.The camera view will be saved, so if you change the camera angle then want to get back email to this view, hack you can choose it from the View drop down menu, or click its name down the 3D panel.Start by clicking the Front Inflation Material in the 3D panel.Easy Plastic Text with Layer Styles In Photoshop.The Document, starting off with the document, Im starting with a 1280 by 720 pixel document, with a very dark blue background ( #0f1013 ).Remember how scary it was when you were a little kid and you had to start reading books in school that didnt manual have any pictures in them?Shiny Inflated Foil 3D Text Effect.Click the Coordinates icon in the Properties panel to change the Light direction.Wood Inlay Text.

Step 2, with the text layer selected, go to Type - Extrude.
Select the Infinite Light 1 in text effect 3d photoshop cs6 the 3D panel.